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Prefabricated elements

We offer fired elements, mats and tin cinders of all classes in our assortment. Our offer covers as well metallurgical products of entirely customised dimensions (it is possible to cut and bend materials):

  • bars
  • pipes
  • flats
  • sections

Metallurgical products

Duotech offers sale of Polish and imported metallurgical products.

black sheets sized:

- thickness: 1 - 200 mm

- width : 1,000 – 3,500 mm

- length: 1,000 – 18,000 mm

Small format sheets of the width: 7-40 mm

Waste sheets (stripes) of the width: 5-150 mm






Hollow sections

Flat bars from 3 - 120 mm

Round bars from Ø6 - Ø500 mm

Square bars from 10 - 100 mm

Ribbed bars

Cast iron pipes, steamless and welded, Ø15 mm to Ø2000 mm


The above steel products made of:

Construction plates (among others St3S, S235JRG2, 18G2A, S355J2G3, RSt 37-2, St37-2, St52-3)

Boiler plates ( St36K, St44K, P265GH, 16Mo3, P355NL1 and others)

Ship plates with from Naval Societies acceptance GL, DNV, ABS, PRS, TUV, BV, TDT, UDT, ( A, B, D, E, AH32, DH32, EH32, AH36, EH36, DH36)

Resisting steel, stainless steel, quenched and tempered steels

We assure nationwide transport, quick delivery and low prices.

In addition, our offer covers: steel flanges for pipes, blind and neck, pulleys, disks, cinders, fired elements, firing, bending of thin and thick sheets, processing, kibbling, sanding, painting with primer, temporary protection paint, sheet primer, ultrasonic testing S1 E1, S2 E2, S3 E3, S4 E4 according to SEL.

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New products

We invite you to familiarise with the offer of our new products!

We offer new, improved steel assortment made with high precision and accurateness:

- beleveled plates

- edged sheets

- sheets with holes

- steel flanges

- equipment parts and elements of steel constructions thicker than 100 mm

- constructions for gates and fences

- gears for rotors and energy devices